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Welcome to the site. Bo and his daughter Ellie are extremely creative. From drawing and painting to photography and videography. Both are songwriters and musicians. Here you can explore just a few of the projects they’ve worked on and learn more about the sources of their inspiration.

Bo has been currently working on mini documentary styled training videos for the University of Wyoming and the University of Utah.

Bo has worked with Carmen Bowman, owner of Edu-catering as the sole filmmaker of training videos and documentaries. Works include collaborations with federal agency CMS and the Pioneer Network. Bo's passion for videography and video editing makes him a great filmmaker for your commercial needs. From product videography or photography. Ads you can place on your website, or wherever you want. 

We are proud of Bad Gravity Studios professional journey and we are always looking for the next adventure. Get in touch if you’d like to collaborate on an upcoming project, or to leave your feedback.

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